Publishers told to learn to hug trees too

And while we are on the topic of the dead tree variety of books here’s an interesting article on moving towards alternate technology within the publishing industry.

Did any of you attend the seminar in Delhi?

Though Indian publishers are rated among the best in the world in terms of quality, there is urgent need to adapt to today’s needs and move towards cleaner and greener technology, Delhi chief minister Mrs Shiela Dikshit said today.”The time has come to introspect on what to do in the publishing industry as cleaner and greener practices come up,” Mrs Dikshit said inaugurating a conference on environment-friendly publishing, organised by The Energy Resources Institute.Mrs Dikshit exhorted the publishers and printing industry to look at ways and means to reduce pollution as well as lower the consumption of precious raw material. The CM called on the stakeholders to look at new technology to reduce this dependence on polluting know-how. Speaking on the occasion, the Union minister of state for environment, Mr Namo Narain Meena said while the government has set out stringent norms for the paper and pulp industry, the publishing industry needs to look at new technology and solutions to check pollution. “They must add recycled paper to the list of technology for the future,” he suggested.The day-long conference brought together leading publishers, including from the newspaper industry, paper manufacturers and printers for a debate on environmental issues plaguing the industry.

Source: The Statesman, Publisher’s Post

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