What Books Should Kids Read?

Absolutely loved reading Susan Stephenson ‘s views on the Fun with Learning blog.

A while back, a mum wrote to me, worried that her daughter had suddenly begun to enjoy reading. That might seem a strange cause for concern, but the problem was that the books were targeted toward Grades 2-3, whereas the child was in Grade 4. Not only that, but the girl was capable of reading more difficult text. It’s just that these easier texts were books she WANTED to read, and enjoyed reading. Whereas the books she was supposed to read were not.
Where do these messages come from that we should “push” our kids, challenge them with difficult material, encourage them to read books that are branded with their grade level? Who says it’s the best thing for our kids? Is it any wonder so many kids think of reading as a chore?
Vision :"A Book in Every Child's Hand"Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that all learning must be fun or we should abandon it. In our less-than-ideal world, there will be times in all our lives when we must knuckle down and learn something despite there being no perceivable fun or pay-off involved. 
What I am saying, and I believe this with every fibre of my being, is that if we want kids to LOVE reading, parents should let them read what they enjoy, when they can, regardless of their perceived ability or grade level. There is nothing wrong with kids reading junior books when they are 16 or even an old chook like me.

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