“We Don’t Want Everything For Free, We Just Want Everything”

Earlier this month, Gautam John was talking about ‘The Future of Content’ at the IndiaSocial Summit 2012. Medianama carries a short article on Gautam’s presentation.

The notion of control over content is no longer relevant in the age of digital media, Gautam John of Akshara Foundation (Pratham Books), said during a session at IndiaSocial 2012, pointing towards community driven content creation initiatives.
The content ecosystem is moving toward being more people centric, and “With digital, it’s easier to copy content, and ‘geography is now history’, so the content lifecycle, which is all about creation, distribution, consumption and conversation around it, needs to accelerate conversation and amplify it, rather than trying to curb distribution.”
He talked about how content aggregators were not focusing on making content available through their channels, putting artificial regional and technical restrictions, while the bit-torrent store is always open. He also talked about open standards to allow content consumption irrespective of technical distinctions.
Read the entire article here.

Gautam’s presentation is embedded below:

Image Source : India Social


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