We, the Children of India: The Preamble to Our Constitution

Justice Leila Seth has written a book to make dull civics more interesting for kids.

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“I was having a chat with my eight year-old granddaughter Nandini about our Constitution, who was lost whenever terms like equality, citizens and integrity crept into the conversation,” Leila Seth, author Vikram Seth’s mother, tells us in a telephonic interview, while admitting that being one of India’s most respected judicial figures didn’t make writing We, the Children of India, any easier.

Seth’s book, with fantastic illustrations by Bindia Thapar, lucidly breaks down the Preamble of our Constitution to India’s young citizens.

Filled with interesting trivia and rare photographs, the book is bound to find fans across Indian classrooms.

“India has a very good Constitution that sadly, isn’t taught to our children at the right time. When they are younger, it becomes part of their consciousness.

Seth adds that Indian children aren’t exposed to a universal value system, which is where the Constitution steps in.

“The Preamble is one long sentence that gives you the essence of the Constitution, which if learnt will make them better equipped for tomorrow.”

Read the entire article here. You can buy the book here.

Just discovered over on our Facebook page (are you a member yet?) that Sandhya has reviewed this book over on her blog:

“Leila Seth was the first woman judge of the Delhi High Court and the first woman Chief Justice of a state in India. Her credentials listed on the introductory page amply testify to her being the best person to have taken up this project. By her own admission, this book has been written with the help of her grandchildren, ages 5 and 8.

Leila Seth has beautifully deconstructed the heavy vocabulary of the preamble to make it comprehensible to all. She has gone word by word, giving succint examples and explanations with the help of speech bubbles–with a lot of help from the vivid illustrations by Bindia Thapar.”

You can read the entire review here.

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