A Walk Among Trees in Lalbagh

Forests play an important role in everything from mitigating climate change to providing wood, medicines and livelihoods for people worldwide.
“Forests for People” is the main theme of the International Year of Forests. Forests are home to over 60 million people, mainly members of indigenous and local communities, and to a huge number of fauna and flora. Living in urban ‘jungles’, we often forget how much forests help us. A tree is one of the simplest units of a forest. By learning about trees, we can learn more about the forest. ‘A Walk Among Trees’, written and illustrated by Nimret Handa introduces common trees to the young reader. Which beautiful dancer in Akbar’s court was named after a beautiful flower? Which fruit tree yields an orange dye? And which Mexican tree is more commonly seen here in India? Packed with interesting facts and pretty illustrations, the book gives us a new glimpse of common trees that we often take for granted.
As part of the Pratham Books Awareness Today for a Greener Tomorrow campaign to celebrate the International Year of Forests, author and co-founder of ‘Bangalore Walks‘ Roopa Pai will take children on a walk through Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore, on December 10, 2011. According to legend, when Tipu Sultan was a little boy, he saw the flowers in this garden and shouted in excitement, “Lal, lal!”, lal meaning red in Hindi. The indulgent father, Emperor Hyder Ali called this garden Lalbagh. ‘A Walk Among Trees’ too has a king who tells his little prince about the wonderful trees in the royal orchard. To join the walk, get details here. To get the book, please click here.

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