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PSFK on a Museum of Online Museums

The Museum of Online Museums is a project begun by Coudal Partners, a design, advertising and interactive studio based in Chicago, as a means of preserving and sharing the vast array of the Internet’s archives that span the culturally significant to the obsessively bizarre. The “galleries” which are updated continuously, but are additionally overhauled once a quarter, are broken up into four sections: “The Museum Campus” featuring content from actual museums with interesting online presences, “The Permanent Collection” displaying links that focus on design and advertising, “The Galleries, Exhibition and Shows” section is the most diverse, highlighting the minutiae often found on personal web pages and finally “The Benefactors’ Gallery” a (soon to be added) guide assembling noteworthy collections handpicked by the Board of Directors.

And while you check out the site, do take some time out to visit the Book Cover Appreciation Gallery.

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  1. Mala December 10, 2008

    Hi Maya, thanks for the virtual tour of museums. What used to be called armchair travelogue at one time, gains even more relevance as we rely more and more on saving ‘experiences’ digitally.

    Digital museums, e-books, online albums are all great tools for preservation, and enrichment when one can’t see/read/experience the real thing, but given a choice, I’d read a paperback lounging on a window seat… ok, with world music playing on the iPod.


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