Uday Foundation’s Storyteller Program for Little Patients in Hospitals

We received an email from the Uday Foundation informing us about their Storyteller Program.

It’s generally not a lot of fun for anyone to be in a hospital, but it’s especially tough on kids. Though doctors, nurses, family and friends make long stays more bearable, there is still much time where pediatric patients can feel lonely, bored and scared.

During the hospital stays and/or visits, children and their families experience unusual amounts of stress, anxiety and discomfort. Recognising the therapeutic and entertaining nature of the art of storytelling, The Uday Foundation plans to create and implement a storytelling program at Pediatric Ward of the Hospital using our storytelling volunteers.

Storytelling has been well researched for its therapeutic effects with children. While Storytelling is entertaining, it provides metaphors to life situations, often helping children deal with their current emotional states and find alternatives for the challenges they face.

They are looking for storytellers, book donors and hospitals who may be interested in this program. Visit their website for more details.

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