The Tribe of Pratham Books Champions Continues to Grow : Celebrating World Read Aloud Day

Today is a super super super special day! The folks at LitWorld are celebrating World Read Aloud Day on 7th March and we are their India partners for this event. We decided to ask our wonderful community if they would like to be Pratham Books champions and conduct storytelling sessions and ‘celebrate the power of words’. We received such a wonderful response from our community – 50 people/organizations have confirmed their participation! And some of us from Pratham Books will also be reading out to children to celebrate this day.

We are just giddy with the thought of how many children our awesome champions will be reading out to. So many more than we could manage if we were conducting a few events on our own. Thank you champions! 
The following people have confirmed their participation and will be spreading the joy of reading in their cities/states :

1. Vaishali Shroff – Pune
2. Nithya Sivashankar – Coimbatore
3. Anitha Jebaraj – Chennai
4. Himani Sanghvi – Mumbai
5. Sejal Chevli – Surat
6. Rosemary Antony – Mumbai
7. Neela Gupta – Vadodara
8. Abhinav Agarwal – Bangalore
9. Seema Wahi Mukherjee – Gurgaon
10. Soumya Suresh – Mumbai
11. K.G. Sastha Prakash – Thrissur
12. Vikas Saini – Delhi
13. Shobhali Thapa – Delhi
14. Dhanya Palani Yadav – Mumbai
15. Srini Swaminathan – Mumbai
16. Praveen Khanghta – Delhi
17. Vignesh Krishnan – Delhi
18. Niketa Bakshi – Delhi
19. Kumari Deepika – Delhi
20. Sajid Akhtar-Ul Hasan – Delhi
21. Aparna George – Bangalore
22. Kanchan Shine – Mumbai
23. Tarun Varma – Delhi
24. Lara Maria Velho – Mumbai
25. Ritika Chawla – Mumbai
26. Poornima Sardana – Ahmedabad
27. Ghazala Ansari – Mumbai
28. Sapna Shah – Mumbai
29. Smitha H.S – Bangalore
30. Frederick Noronha – Saligao
31. Sunilkumar Rath – Delhi
32. Tehrunissa Shaikh – Mumbai
33. Bhavika Parekh – Mumbai
34. Sayali Ambre – Mumbai
35. Neha Sahu – Mumbai
36. Dhanya Yadav – Mumbai
37. Pukhraj Ranjan – Mumbai
38. Chhaya Mishra – Mumbai
39. Sindhu A – Mumbai
40. Medha Dixit – Mumbai
41. Emma Lovell – Dharamshala
42. Denise De Mello – Goa
43. Renuka Gilbert – Goa
44. Akila Kannadasan

Organizations that are participating
45. Aarohi – Nainital (coordinated by Pradeep Gupta)
46. VIDYA – 6 centres in Mumbai (coordinated by Ritika Bajaj)
47. Central Manor School – Pennsylvania (coordinated by Teresa Reisinger)
48. Deep Foundation – Delhi (coordinated by Sujata Suri)
49. Jabala – Kolkata (coordinated by Soma)
50. PaanPoee – across Maharashtra (coordinated by Sharad Pendharkar)

In case some of you want to be a part of these celebrations, take a book and read it to kids around you. Send a mail to web(at)prathambooks(dot)org and tell us what you did on World Read Aloud Day. LitWorld also has an activity page with free downloads of their activity kit and a picture book which you could also use for your storytelling session.
Good luck with your storytelling sessions!

Note : In case you want to be a Pratham Books Champion in the future, please email us at web(at)prathambooks(dot)org. Thank you!


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