This Year, Put a Book on Every Bed

Came across Amy Dickinson’s article on The Washington Post and loved the idea of ‘a book on very bed’.

This very simple idea spread out from this column to parents, teachers,
librarians, publishers, writers, readers — and those who love them.
Introducing books and reading very early in life will write indelibly on a child’s future. Here’s how it works:
Take a book.
Wrap it.
Place it on a child’s bed so it’s the first thing the child sees on Christmas morning (or whatever holiday you celebrate).
That’s it.
This is not a fundraising appeal. This is not about selling or buying books (the book you give can be passed down).

“A Book on Every Bed” is an appeal to spread the love of reading from
parents to children. We also want to encourage families to share books
by reading aloud.

This idea was inspired by one of the country’s favorite writers.
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough (author of “John
Adams” and many other histories) says that every Christmas morning
during his childhood, he woke up to a wrapped book at the foot of his
bed, left by Santa.

 Read the entire article here.

With most publishers offering discounts during the holiday season, there are enough reasons for you to execute this simple and brilliant idea.

At Pratham Books, you can choose to pledge books online and gift a child the joy of reading or buy books for yourself at special discounts. And what are our other publisher friends doing during the holiday season? Karadi Tales has a special offer on their five new picture books, Tulika Books also has delightful offers on some of their books and Tara Books is celebrating the release of ‘The Great Race’ by offering the three books as a set at a specially discounted rate.

Happy reading!


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