Tejas’ Inspirations

While we were sifting through the entries of the Retell, Remix and Rejoice Contest, we received a small dose of happiness with the mail a mum sent us. We shared 30 images from our Adikahani series for participants to remix and come up with a new story. This year we also introduced a collaborative category for adults and kiddos to come up with stories together. Harini Srinivasa Rao shares this story of her son’s (Tejas Kesavamurthy) reaction to the illustrations we shared for the contest.
When I came to know about the contest, I thought of entering the collaborative category by involving my almost-5 year old son. I showed him the pictures and his first reaction was -‘I want to draw this. Print it for me and I will try‘. I am attaching a photo of his drawing – an attempt at trying to imitate the first image that was given. If you look closely enough, there is even the bullock cart and everything else 🙂 I have never seen him inspired by any image like this earlier! Hats off to the lovely illustrations. 
I am now submitting in the individual category because the second time I tried to make him come up with a story he started narrating complete stories for every image and he would not stop till he said ‘and that is the end of the story’! He did this for every single picture! We had fun with that story telling session but there was no way I could submit all those stories 🙂
Good luck for the contest Harini! And we look forward to seeing little Tejas’ journey into the world of art and stories 🙂

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