Fill Your Screen With A Dash of Whimsy

Every year, tons of people tell us about how much they are enjoying the Pratham Books Calendar. A few people start enquiring about the next year’s calendar by the end of the year too. This year’s calendar was illustrated by Priya Kuriyan and steps into an India of stories – where every child has a book in her hand! 
For those who couldn’t get their hands on this calendar (and even for those who do have the calendar) we have a little digital surprise for you – change your desktop wallpaper to this month’s calendar page which is set in Odisha.
Click on the image below and save it. Fill your screen with a dash of whimsy and art!
P.S – If you change your desktop screen, we would love to see some pictures of this travelling across screens :). Mail us at web(at)prathambooks(dot)org OR share your pictures with us on Facebook or Twitter.
Update : 

This is how it looks on our friend Payal Pruthi’s screen 🙂

Debolina Coomar shares a picture of her screen along with some of our books. “I just love reading your books. Though my daughter is too small to read, I would surely love to introduce her to your repository when she grows up. I Iove the simplicity and the flow in the stories regarding mundane things of life. A great way to learn about life and how to enjoy the smaller things in a big way”, says Debolina.


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