SELCO’s Gift to Children : A Book by Pratham Books

We received an email from SELCO about a book distribution and competition held for school children in the Bhagamandala government primary school.

SELCO Solar Company, a social enterprise, has planned to distribute story books to school kids to celebrate children’s day. Accordingly the story book titled “Cauvery”, published by Pratham books, was selected. This book covers the origin and the path covered by Cauvery River. A government Kannada medium primary school from Bhagamandala town of Madikeri district was selected. The objective is to encourage school kids to read story books and sensitize them on the importance of Cauvery River. It was with this intention that the School from Bhagamandala was selected which is the birth place of Cauvery River.

School and students

The Bhagamandala government primary school is situated amid Brhamagiri hills in Madikeri district. The area is surrounded by hills and forest. The students come from middle class families and parent’s occupation are like auto drivers, petty shop owners, agriculture laborers and coffee planters.


Firstly we approached the school Head madam to give us permission to distribute books. To encourage kids to read the story book we requested school teachers to conduct a competition for students based on the content of the Cauvery story book. Two winners will be given prizes from SELCO Company on Children’s day (14th November). Students from Class 6th, 7th and 8th standards are selected for this event as the Cauvery story book is designed for kids in the age group of 12 years to 14 years. Totally there are 75 students from class 6th, 7th and 8th standards. SELCO purchased the books from Pratham books and distributed the books to 75 school students on 21st October 2009. 5 Books were presented for School library. The teachers will conduct competition in the first week of November and will declare two winners name by 12th November. SELCO plans to give two prize winners preferably a solar light system as there are frequent power cuts in this area. The solar light will enable kids to study in better light during power cuts.

Lighting up lives with knowledge indeed! You can learn more about the book Cauvery here.


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