Search for Book Prices in India

isbn.net.in is a quick way to find the online prices for a book in India.

How to use
Suffix this website address with a ISBN or EAN. That’s it.

Is there a way to make it more automatic to use?
Yes, there is a bookmarklet. Follow the instructions:

  1. Drag the following link to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar:
    Book Prices in India
  2. Go to any random book page, for example, this page ; Note that it even works with Indian ecommerce sites.
  3. Click on the bookmarklet (in your browser’s bookmarks toolbar).
  4. You will now be taken to the corresponding page on isbn.net.in containing a sorted list of prices from different Indian online book stores.

The site currently compares book prices from the following sites :Infibeam, Flipkart, A1books, Rediff and Nbcindia.

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