Scribd’s Online Store for Authors

Scribd is known as the “YouTube of documents”. But it has now gone one step further and launched a store for authors to upload and sell their work.

Via The New York Times

The Scribd Web site is the most popular of several document-sharing sites that take a YouTube-like approach to text, letting people upload sample chapters of books, research reports, homework, recipes and the like. Users can read documents on the site, embed them in other sites and share links over social networks and e-mail. In the new Scribd store, authors or publishers will be able to set their own price for their work and keep 80 percent of the revenue. They can also decide whether to encode their documents with security software that will prevent their texts from being downloaded or freely copied.

“One reason publishers are excited to work with us is that they worry that publishing channels are contracting as Amazon and Google are gaining control over the e-book space,” said Jared Friedman, chief technology officer and a founder of Scribd.

Via Los Angeles Times

Another is the pricing model. Paperbacks have largely been priced at around $10 to $15. Hardcovers are $25 to $30. With digital books, that price could be any amount. Scribd just takes 20% of whatever price publishers and authors set for their works. The rest goes to the writer or publisher. Some authors, for example, are releasing their books on Scribd for $2.

One of them is Kemble Scott, a 46-year-old San Francisco writer whose first book, “SoMa,” was published as a trade paperback in 2007. For his second book, “The Sower,” Scott eschewed print and decided to debut his novel on Scribd as a $2 digital book.

“Publishing a book the traditional way can take a year to 18 months from the time you find a publisher to the time it ends up on store shelves,” Scott said. “Now I can publish a book instantly that makes the most contemporary pop culture references of the day.”

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  1. How to Open an Online Store October 25, 2009

    nice work there pratham! never knew scribd has done this , it opens a whole lot of avenue for growth for private readers as well as authors, however have to keep a watch on google with its books being patented publishing,then that would make it really distasteful in my openion,

  2. Gautam October 25, 2009

    I'm not so sure they'll patent books – books can only be copyrighted, no?


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