Pratham Books and the Pubishing Next Awards

Like last year, September brings us many good memories and treats :). There were double celebrations for the Pratham Books team at this year’s Publishing Next Awards because :

  • Jadav and the Tree-Place won Digital Book of the Year
  • Pratham Books was a runner up for the Publisher of the Year award
According to the Publishing Next website, the Digital Book of the Year award ‘seeks to recognize a book that pushes the boundaries of editorial, design and technical excellence within the domain of digital publishing, making the best use of available technology to create a book that enriches its genre. The submissions must demonstrate an understanding of the potential of digital books in reaching its audience’.
Jadav and the Tree-Place won for an inspiring tale and an inspiring mode of delivery of content. The use of Creative Commons License for the content and use of a community writing platform are certainly worth emulating for other creators of content for children.

You can read about all the other categories and winners here. You can read about the Publishing Next conference here.

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