Science kid to science whiz :)

Science day at school? At a loss as to what to do? Check THIS out! Science Kids is a collection of scientific experiments, games, images, videos, trivia, projects and lessons to help your kid understand science and technology better. An interesting collection of experiments, Science Kids first tells your child what to do, and later explains the actions and reactions. There are also a captivating range of photographs (check out the animal pictures, especially those of the white tiger!) and videos of everything from lessons and facts to absolutely fun experiments that are both interesting and educational. If your kids are tired of studying, they have another option – they can read fun facts, play scientific games or answer a fun quiz to check how much they know. Even if you (or your kids) are past the age of adding mentos to Diet Coke, or bending a straw with your eyes, this is a site you need to check out for the sheer fun of it! 
Suitable for primary and middle school children. 


  1. ChoxBox July 23, 2010

    Nice! Thks for the link.

  2. Tharini July 23, 2010

    you're welcome 🙂


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