School Snapshot Project

We have talked about the “Around the World in 100 Bookshelves” project often on this blog and we follow the updates quite regularly. Another project we are going to follow is the “School Snapshot Project“.
Remember we mentioned the Culturally Teaching blog here before? This project is being conducted on the same blog. The aim of the project is to highlight schools across the world

Via Culturally Teaching

Have you ever wondered what schools in other countries are like?

What they look like, when they begin and end each day, which rites of passage are celebrated? We have. So we started the School Snapshot Project.

You can participate by taking a photograph of the school, answering the questions mentioned on the site and then mail it to them.More details here.Leave us a note if you submit a picture of your school and we shall go take a look at your beautiful school too.Image Source: Pratham Books (photography by Ryan Lobo)


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