The Sketchbook Project

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The Sketchbook Project is a traveling exhibition of sketchbooks created by artists like you.

Anyone – from anywhere in the world – can be a part of the Project. To participate and receive a blank sketchbook that will join our 2012 tour, start by choosing a theme.

Project Overview

After you sign up to participate in the project, we’ll send you a package containing a custom-designed Sketchbook Project sketchbook with a barcode on it, your chosen theme, and detailed instructions about the project.


When you sign up for the project you will be able to choose from a list of 40 themes. You can select one for your book, or choose to have a theme randomly assigned to you. However, once you choose your theme you’re stuck with it – so please choose carefully. If you select the “random theme” button, the theme will be indicated on the sketchbook when you receive it (so please don’t email us about it prior to receiving your sketchbook in the mail). The themes are supposed to be a starting point, not a restriction, so remember to keep an open mind and consider the theme to be a guide.

You can read more about how to participate in this project here. The entry fees for this project is $25.

Cool Hunting tells us a little more about this project :

Five years ago, Shane Zucker and Steven Peterman, fed up with the challenge of making a living as artists, founded Art House as a student project.

Shane’s father mentioned sketchbooks—what if people from all over the world paid to submit sketchbooks to be displayed? Between April and November of 2010, 28,000 people signed up to be a part of the Sketchbook Project and 10,000 of the sketchbooks sent out to people in 94 countries were sent back. The collection is now touring nine U.S.cities and you can even get a library card to check them out.

What is the meaning of paying to be part of an art project?
Eli: We’re not telling anyone that they are going to suddenly become famous through this. Also, we don’t sell any of the work. There’s no financial benefit to anyone here. If you think about the resources that go into this tour and having a permanent space in Brooklyn, it adds up to a lot of money and time. As five people or even 100 of your closest friends, you could never do this, but when 10,000 people come together, you can actually do it.

Shane: For a lot of galleries, art is a means of commerce. They make money. That’s just not us.

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