Reading to be a Parent

Vidya B Chaudhuri writes about trying to keep up with her daughter and her reading habits …

Bless Roald Dahl!
Thanks to my daughter Ananya, I am rediscovering him. From smiles that linger through the day to side splitting LOL afternoons, Roald Dahl has been a constant companion while I watch this little miss grow up. Last night when we were having dinner I told her that her friend Asavari has won the Pratham Books contest. The Retell, Remix and Rejoice story telling contest also had a theme around trees. Her face lit up. What a sweet victory for her friend. 
Well, I thought I should do my motherly bit and launched in to a quick trees and environment and civic responsibility bit. Hah!!! That was brave of me. Often I get foxed by her 11 going 21 attitude. Last night was no different. She hummed and hawed a few minutes about green activism and suddenly asked “Ma do you know who a dendrologist is?” Hadn’t heard that one before. Ananya launched in to an explanation. And what is the source of her knowledge? Roald Dahl! Should have known. 
These times are challenging for mothers. Not the one to give up so easily, I did some homework and asked her to find out who an arborist was when I said good night to her. She is at school now. I will know her answer when she gets back home. I am reading up for another round of QandA.
P.S. – Dendrology is ‘the botanical study of trees and other woody plants’

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