Reading Non-Braille Books and Tactile Flash Cards for the Blind

The Yanko Design blog had two excellent blog posts on devices and ways that allow blind people to read and experience the world around them.
The first device is the Haptic Reader which allows visually-impaired people to read books.
So you pop out the “Haptic Reader”, place it on the front page, and allow it to scan the contents. Almost magically all the letters get converted to Braille, which dot the surface of the reader. Want more magic? Turn on the voice system, to hear the story instead.

More information here.

The second invention is the set a tactile flash cards for blind people.

The Hello Haptic set of flash cards works with Braille text and other tactile elements from environments the student might not otherwise have access to. The urge to learn is there! But as a blind person who must learn primarily through touch, the need is not fulfilled as often as it is with a person who can see. In come the flashcards. Learned become the students.

PSFK says ‘The cards are categorized according to specific environments, such as “Zoo”, “Beach”, or “Forest”, and include braille on one side and tactile elements on the other, so as to offer visually impaired students a multi-faceted learning experience that stimulates the senses.’More information here.Image Source: (1, 2 and 3)


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