Inclusive Print Access Project at Delhi University

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Delhi University is looking at making their libraries more inclusive through the Inclusive Print Access Project.

Via Business Standard

Delhi University is in the process of installing a special technology which can scan books and transcribe text to speech in all its libraries, a move which the varsity claims is a first-of-its-kind initiative for visually-challenged students by an Indian university. 
The technology called ‘Inclusive Print Access Project’ is a combination of software which has been imported from abroad to suit the needs of the visually-challenged students. 
“We just want to ensure that the students don’t remain dependent on readers and can study and work in an independent fashion as other students. Certain universities abroad have this technology but in India we are the first one to have such reading machines and accessible system assembled in a comprehensive manner,” another EOC official Bipin Tiwari said. 
“We have got a software from Germany which can transcribe Hindi books. While the accuracy level for English text is 99 per cent, for Hindi books it is around 90 per cent but it will serve the purpose to a large extent,” Aneja said. 
Besides this, the project also includes a software called ‘braille space’ in which the students can record their assignments and convert them into written text.

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