The Read India Brand Name Change Contest – Update on name selected

You may recall a while ago we had posted a brand name change contest.

2 weeks of the contest. Over 400 entries. 5 months of deliberation and we’ve finally decided to go ahead with “PATANG”. Patang was a name that was generated before the contest.

Some of the names from the contest submissions that made it to the shortlist along with Patang were: Jadoo, Kitab Potli, Sitara, Titli.

Why did we go with Patang finally? ‘Patang’ flew up and high above the rest since it best fits what we want to do at Pratham Books: to spread joy, to show children a world of colour and excitement, and to help them reach greater and greater heights. Hidden in the word ‘Patang’ are the dreams and aspirations that we have for the children of India. To help them to enjoy reading, to hold their hand while they take their first steps into the fantastic world of stories, to stand close by and see them soar high in the new world that books and reading open them to.

We hope you like the new brand name and we will shortly share the logo as well. Meanwhile do feel free to share your thoughts on the new name! And once again a big thank you to all of you who participated in this contest.


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