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A lot of India-related blog posts were up on our blog this week. The newspaper Khabar Lahariya won the Unesco’s King Sejong Literacy Prize. The newspaper is created and marketed by rural women in Uttar Pradesh and is read by more than 20,000 people. While one blog post looked at the Indian book industry and pricing, another post was about the why Amazon has been unable to capture the Indian market and mindset. Apart from the story, the joy of reading a children’s book comes from the magic an illustrator infuses into it. So, what goes into the process of illustrating for a children’s book?

Read about the Telugu writer Kovvali and and his style of writing. Cricketmatics is the story of a young boy who loves cricket but is weak in mathematics. The story combines learning maths through the game of cricket. Indian comic book characters will soon be on telvision screens.

Did you read our Hindi post titled ???? ????? ??? ?? ???? Have we lost the capacity to teach? Or do children not have the will to learn?

Open Ed is the new Open Education Community site. Read more about it here.

Do take a look at Xu Bing’s Tian Shu (Book From Heaven). This exhibit if absolutely marvelous and stunning! Read about the Endangered Species Print Project which offers limited edition prints of critically endangered species. Want a scoop of Li-berry pie or Sh-sh-sh-sherbet? What is that? Well, library-themed ice-cream of course!

On that note, have a great week ahead!

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