A while ago you may recall that we had announced a contest to replace our imprint, ‘Read India Books’. After wonderful contributions from the community, we decided to fly with one of the internal recommendations – “Patang”, as announced here. As we progressed ahead, somewhere along the line we went back to the drawing board and felt that “Read India” captured our mission perfectly, and that brand “Pratham Books” had significant equity in the market. So while Pratham Books gets retained as the flagship brand, we hope to continue doing the good work with the guiding philosophy of making India a reading nation. This exercise was combined with re-visiting the grading of our books, all leading to giving our book covers a brand new look! – Read on to see all the changes, why we made them and do give us your feedback.
Why Reading Levels?

Until now Pratham Books, categorized books as suitable for age group 3-6 years, 7-10 years, and 11-14 years.

Our interaction with children told us that there were some problems with this method of grading books, especially for a multi-lingual publisher. For instance, a reluctant reader, aged 11 years, could not read the book in English marked for her age-group but very competently read a book in Kannada marked for the 11-14 age-group. The factor that decided what she could read was not her age but her reading ability in various languages.

The aim of putting in Levels on the back of every book is to help adults select a book for their children, and for children to gauge their own level of comfort, in a manner that is non-judgemental. Since Pratham Books is engaged in bringing out enrichment books rather than pedagogy –driven books, the levels are just an indicator of the reading ability. We hope young readers, as well as the people who buy these books for children will benefit from this change.

Interpretation on the books:

Cover page: The relevant colour band gets flagged off on the cover and our logo gets highlighted on the top. So you always know you are picking up a book from the Pratham Books’ family.

Back Cover: The jigsaw puts an interesting visual spin and is an off-beat way of depicting levels. The background colour aligns itself to the level colour – reinforcing both the level as well as colour. So that over a period of time, in a library environment children instinctively know which book to pick up.

Inside Cover: Here we touch upon who we are, our mission and the Read India Movement.


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