Reminder : 1st Annual Indian Comic Con

The first Annual Indian Comic Convention is being held in Delhi on 19th and 20th February, 2011.

Via Comic Con India’s Facebook page

Why a Comic Convention?
Because of our love of comics! The straightforwardness of the illustrated medium, the way it is approachable to almost anyone. The many different styles and techniques there are to this art form, and the fact that it takes the readers experience to a whole new level, be it fantasy or even non-fiction.
• Add to that, India has had a very long history of picture stories and illustrated books. That rich history has evolved into a burgeoning comics industry, which we want to celebrate and help grow, in every way possible.
• An event such as this very much required, in order for it to survive and flourish, fans of Comic books and graphic art in general need a place to show their support, discover new endeavors in the industry.
• Despite the long distinguished history mentioned above, readership still remains low in India due to various factors. Thus, another major motivator for us is to get more prospective readers as well as publishers involved to give this industry it’s due credit and help it grow.
• Other than the reasons listed above, one of the our major motivations to bring this event to life, was to bring to light and honor, the laureates of this field and industry. To come together and celebrate and award their achievements, to do it at the convention annually.
• Most importantly, in order to achieve a lot many of our goals of promoting comic books and graphic art. We have dedicated PR & Media Teams for the event. They will be putting together a tremendous effort for the widest possible coverage in all mediums for this event. This will also help participating brands, publishers, artists and writers be showcased nationally and internationally.
Learn more about the comic convention (or register) by visiting the website or their facebook page.

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