PubliCon 2013

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This year’s PublicCon 2013 will be held on September 10-11, 2013 at FICCI, New Delhi.

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India is at the cusp of tremendous socio-economic and technological developments. Amidst a stream of innovation and new business opportunities, publishing is one area which is going to grow exponentially in the coming decade. Indian publishing has re-positioned itself in global markets, not only in terms of sale of territorial rights, but also of direct sale of Indian books and content. Africa and South Asia are markets where Indian publishers have shown great interest. 

PubliCon 2013 will focus on “Export Markets” for books and content, with Africa and South Asia in the spotlight. The sessions will focus on the potential for export of books and educational content from India to other emerging economies. 
The programme will bring together eminent publishers and key stakeholders from India and abroad to discuss and debate the scope of book markets in emerging economies and the role India can play in the dissemination of knowledge. Delegates will be able to connect with speakers during networking sessions, and will get a chance to engage with industry experts on different areas of publishing.

Major Highlights

  • Keynote Addresses:
  • Creating India as an Export Hub for Publishing
  • Africa: The Emerging Market for Indian Publishers
  • Session on Piracy, Counterfeit and its Impact on Book Exports
  • Monetising Content through Exports to Emerging Markets
  • Indian STM content for Africa and South Asia
  • Indian K-12 content: Potential Markets in Africa
  • Selling Content Across Cultural Boundaries

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