Pratham Books and Yak Around the World Campaign

We have a yak in our office!

Yes, yes… a Yak!

How? What? Why? Huh…what? A yak? Really?

A yak that has come all the way from China. Ok, don’t believe me? Take a look at Grape (that is our yak’s name).

Heheheh, I did say we have a yak in our office. I did forget to mention it is a yak toy.

So, why is Grape visiting us? Grape is travelling around the world as part of the ‘Yak Around the World Campaign‘.

On August 8, 2009, Shokay launched the Yak Around the World Campaign by sending 24 hand-knit baby yaks to 24 individuals who are dedicating their time and careers to creating positive social change. During their world tour, the yaks are highlighting changemakers and their innovative work, aiming to inspire people all over the world to think of new ways they can do good and have an impact.

When each person receives their yak, they will help kick off the campaign by answering the question, “What are you doing to change the world today?”

During her stay with us till now, Grape has seen how we are asking people to reuse our content which are under Creative Commons licenses. A comment on a post introduced us to the people who work towards providing content for the Braille Mitra reader. The software can instantly convert Indian languages and English to Braille and helps visually challenged people read. We have spoken with the concerned people and will soon be sending them the required files to be converted and made available for the visually challenged. Grape was also there when we uploaded another book under a Creative Commons license and this book will also be recorded at the Radio Mirchi studios to be given to the National Association of the Blind.

So, while Grape hangs out with us and learns more about Pratham Books, we are also looking forward to seeing where her other yak friends have been travelling and the people/organizations they have been meeting.

Travel along with the yaks on their world tour or read about the Yak Around the World Campaign.

Grape has been travelling trememdously while she is with us. She went on a holiday to Ooty and then flew to Delhi to meet our Delhi team. Check back for more updates on Grape’s adventures.

Pssst: Grape is asking “What are you doing to change the world today?”. Share your story in the comments below.


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