Missed Call Do, Kahaani Suno is Back!

This Daan Utsav, we are opening up the lines to our Missed Call Do, Kahaani Suno project. Last year, we successfully ran this public campaign for two days. This time around, the campaign is on for ten days!

From 6th-16th October, 2017 use your phone as a storyteller for your little one! That’s right, free audio stories to delight your tiny tot! Bring alive Bheema, Sringeri Srinivas, Veeru and many other delightful characters and stories from Pratham Books. The stories are available in Hindi and English.
So don’t wait, grab your phone, aur ek missed call do on 080-33094244
3 easy steps to listen to a story for FREE
Step 1: Give a missed call to  080-33094244 
Step 2: We’ll call you back and you can listen to stories in English and Hindi
Step 3: To listen to more stories, simply give a missed call again. 
Additionally, you will also receive a link to the story through an SMS and you can then read the story too.
Also, help us spread the word so that more kids get to hear a story today! Example : write down the number and share it with someone whose child may not have access to stories OR download the image above and share it through Whatsapp OR send an SMS with the number to someone you know.
We would like to thank Vodafone Foundation for powering this project, Radio Mirchi’s CSR initiative -Mirchi Cares that helped bring these stories alive and Ozonetel for helping us deliver these audio stories to you.

Give a missed call on 080-33094244 and get a story in return!

P.S – As there are a limited number of calls, call the number when your child is next to you. That way, more kids get to hear stories.

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