Celebrate National Science Day with StoryWeaver

Why do bees buzz? How far is the sun from the earth? How long does it take for a forest to grow? Do robots have feelings? Why do I look like my grandmother?
Exasperating, exhausting, invigorating – a child’s curiosity can be any of the above and all of the above. Pratham Books’ StoryWeaver believes it’s essential to nurture that innate curiosity in children.
February 28th is National Science Day in India and StoryWeaver is curating a week-long celebration of curiosity and learning with a collection of non-fiction books that touch upon Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to mark the occasion.

While there’s plenty of great fiction being published for children in India today, there is still a dearth of simple, compelling non-fiction for young readers. Pratham Books’ StoryWeaver has created 20 non-fiction, digital first books across 10 languages, equalling a total of 200 books.
While the aim of each book is to inform and educate, the idea is also to nurture the innate sense of wonder in children and in turn, encourage them to explore further. “Through these information books, we attempt to inspire curiosity in children about a range of non-fiction themes and help them engage with it in fun and memorable ways.” shares Yamini Vijayan, Content Manager, StoryWeaver.
To create these books, StoryWeaver brought in Guest Editors like popular children’s author Roopa Pai, environmental writer Bijal Vachharajani, renowned author Payal Dhar and editor Vidya Mani who is a founding member of Bangalore-based Bookalore. Their in-depth knowledge about certain themes and more importantly, passion for making the information appealing to young readers were an integral part of the process.
You can read more about the books and how you can take part in the celebrations on the StoryWeaver website, here.

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