#PBSummerReads : Grandparents Week

Last week, we launched the #PBSummerReads campaign. #PBSummerReads means one book for every day of the summery May. Read aloud to your child and dive back into your childhood. The theme for the first week was Grandparents! An ode to the folks who make summer so much fun – with goodies, stories, adventures and love!

Here are the books we shared during the week. If you missed reading the books, click on the title names below to read the books in several languages.
Aaloo-Maaloo-Kaaloo (Author : Vineeta Krishna, Illustrator : Suvidha Mistry)
One day Maalooo had to get some potatoes from his kitchen garden. Who do you think helped him? Kaaloo, of course! Read about Maaloo’s morning with Kaaloo as they found some ‘Aaloo’! 
Grandma’s Glasses (Author : Noni, Illustrator : Tanaya Vyas)
Grandma loses her glasses all the time. Sometimes she needs a smart detective to find them for her! 
Grandpa Fish and the Radio (Author : Venkatramana Gowda, Illustrator : Srikrishna Kedilaya)
The fish family had a grand old radio in their living room, but the young ones never let poor Grandpa Fish ever get near it. Until one day, Grandpa Fish insisted on hearing the news, and heard a very important announcement indeed…
Lost and Found (Author and Illustrator : Sukhada Rahalkar)
A little boy looks for something he has lost and guess what happens when he finds it? Read on to find out for yourself.
Ruby Red, Rosy Red (Author : Jayashree Deshpande, Illustrator : Srikrishna Kedilaya)
Raju is a city kid who gets most of his fruit out of juice cartons and jam bottles. One day, he gets a chance to visit his grandfather’s orchard, where all the trees are full of fruit. Join him on his exciting journey of discovery inside this book!
Ritu’s Letter Gets Longer (Author : Mala Kumar, Illustrator : Henu)
Little Ritu is very eager to see her cousin. So she posts him a very special letter. Find out what happens to the letter after it gets posted.
Veeru Goes to the Circus (Author : Author : Richa Ingle DeoIllustrator : Reshma Barve)
Veeru comes back from the Jumbo-Mumbo Circus with some very big ideas. Read on to find out more.
We’ve also got a special pack of 5 books from this list – available at a discounted rate* of Rs.149 only. That is less than Rs.30 per book! Get your copies.
To keep track of the books we are sharing for #PBSummerReads, head to this page to see new books every day. You can also participate in the Read to Play contest.
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