Participate in the ‘Design for Giving’ Contest

As September approaches, the news about the Joy of Giving week continues to increase. Hope your students/kids are participating in the ‘Design for Giving’ contest (Read here and watch this and this).

Via The Hindu

The national-level school contest aspires to let children inspire people to give — money, books, toys, time, smiles, etc, and also show them how to.

With a reach of 31,000 schools across the length and breadth of India, the contest invites solutions from children to challenging, common problems we see in society using the Feel-Imagine-Do-Share concept. “We believe that the real change should happen from children and this contest will help us learn how they look at challenges and arrive at solutions,” explains Mrs. Kiran Sethi, Founder / Director of the Riverside School which is anchoring the event.

The campaigns or ‘designs for change’ can range from anything like bake sales, no-car day, help strangers day, plastic-free campaigns, clothes drive, evening classes for underprivileged…

There are loads of prizes to be won and in different categories too like Boldest Idea, Quickest Impact, Maximum Potential for Long-term Change and more. Also, to remind people what powerful tools of change children can be, Pratham Books will publish select stories of change in a series of books that will be translated into seven languages.

Read the entire article here. You can visit the website for more information on the contest.

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