Our Toxic World : A Graphic Novel

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Brought out by Toxics Link and Sage Publications, author Aniruddha Sen Gupta said, the book speaks about “the little things that we can do in our everyday lives to make the world greener and better.”

According publishers, the book is ‘India’s first graphic novel on the environment’; Sen Gupta said, “The goal of this book is to make the information accessible to the people, by resorting to pictures it transforms the theory to the practical.”

“Primarily targeted towards urban families, concerned about issues but lacking sources of easily digestible information, this book provides a look at the alternatives that they can adopt to make sweeping changes in their lives” said the author.

Speaking at the event Sabyasachi Chakraborty, said, “People tend to get bored when we throw lots of jargon at them; this book breaks away from that and points out simple things that we should and shouldn’t do.”

“The book highlights the significance of the small everyday initiatives we can take and the impact it can have if we do it collectively; I think it is a very important book for parents and children,” he added.

Fashion designer Agnimitra Paul, who was also present at the occasion, said “As a mother of a 8-year-old child I feel this book provides a great way of communicating the complicated information.”

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The book ‘Our Toxic World’ produced by Toxics Link, an environmental NGO based in Delhi, is dedicated to bring information related to toxins into the public domain-both relating to struggles and problems at the grassroots as well as global information at the local levels. The material for the book is derived from information compiled by Toxics Link, which has been working in this field–conducting research and doing advocacy–for close to 15 years.

Mr Sen Gupta who has closely worked with this group realised that they were sitting on a well of information and felt that it was time to share the knowledge with the world.

“Our Toxic World’ is a graphic guidebook on the toxins that we encounter in our everyday lives, depicted through the stories of a fictional family and people who touch their lives. I have converted that information into the script for the book,” says Mr Sen Gupta.

This 160-odd page graphic novel has been illustrated by animator and illustrator, Priya Kuriyan. She has interestingly portrayed the Sachdeva family and the world and most importantly, the toxins that revolve around them.

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