And the New Books Have Arrived ….

Pratham Books is proud to present nine new books this season. For the little ones, there is ‘Topsy Turvy’, a delightfully illustrated book that is sure to turn children’s life upside down. Take children on a breezy outing and tell them what happens ‘At the Seaside’. Even a walk down to the local post office can be a happy event as a child finds out in ‘Ritu’s Letter Gets Longer!’.And Sringeri Srinivas is back! In his first book, he wondered how he could get his hair cut, and in ‘Too Many Bananas!’ he has to find out what to do with all the bananas he has grown. Why do Himalayan bears have a ‘V’ on their chest? Author Paro Anand gives you a whimsical answer in her book ‘Bhabhloo Bear’s Adventure’. A shy rhino takes charge of his young life in ‘Rhino Charge’. And an old folktale gets retold in ‘The Onion’s Shawl’, and for the older readers, there is a precious collection of Japanese folktales. With authentic Japanese art, and contemporary design, ‘Grandpa Cherry Blossom and other Japanese folktales’ is a collector’s book. Finally, ‘Nono, the Snow Leopard’ is an informative and heart warming book about the majestic snow leopard. Written by conservationist Pranav Trivedi, the book has exquisite illustrations by Maya Ramaswamy. Most of these titles are available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi and Urdu. Happy reading!

Vibha reviews the book ‘Bhabhloo Bear’s Adventure on the Saffron Tree blog :

A wonderful story on Himalayan Bears and a secret about how they got a shiny ‘V’ on their chests.

A beautiful little bear and a very naughty one – Bhabhaloo made this all happen. His inquisitive mind buzzed with hundreds and thousands of questions all the time which made him restless even during the nights when everyone else sleeps. His desire to be a famous bear made him go on a thrilling adventure.

One of the very new books by Pratham. The different emotions are beautifully touched in the book- cheerfulness, innocence, pain, sadness, feeling of loss and then a happy ending.
While reading this story to the kids, I could see the changing expressions on their faces. They even closed their eyes at one point when Bhabhaloo was lying on the snow in complete silence. Such chirpy little Bear and not stirring at all !! It was heart wrenching and unbearable to watch.

The illustrations are simple sketches in white, black and tinge of blue, transporting us to one of the Himalayan peaks. The endearing expressions on Bhabhloo’s face and his bright eyes reach out to the young and adult readers alike.

Read the full review here.


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