Book Review : Dhyan Singh ‘Chand’ – Hockey’s Magician

The book is written by Dilip D’Souza, illustrated by Mohit Suneja and published by Pratham books. It tells us the story of the hockey magician. The book explains Dhyan Chand’s perseverance and hard work and how he practiced late into the nights and on the rail tracks. It goes on to tell us how he proved Adolf Hitler wrong. 

The book also tells us the laments of Dhyan after India was dismissed in 1976 Olympics. Dhyan Singh is supposed to have said, “Kabhi nahin socha tha aisa din dekhna padega” (I never thought I’d have to see such a day). 

This book is a good read for the kids of this era to know and understand about the heroes of the past. I also really hope that the Indian Hockey Team can revive its glory back and come back. I consider this book a very good tribute to Indian Hockey and its star Dhyan Singh Chand.

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