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La la la la…. Guess who has an iPad application? We…we…we!! Yes, now you can read/listen to our books on an iPad too. Awesome, isn’t it? And it is all because of the wonderful folks at Fliplog (Thank you Brij and Rashmi). We are also so happy that someone is able to use our Creative Commons licensed content and do stuff with it that we on our own couldn’t possibly do.

Via Fliplog

Fliplog is an eBook publishing toolkit. iPad, iPhone and the new generation of smartphones are changing our reading habits. Amazing reading experience along with instant access to a large pool of book titles has made eBooks one of the fastest growing category in the Apple App Store. These emerging platforms allow book publishers and independent authors to engage with readers in an entirely new way.

Fliplog is an ongoing effort to create high quality eBook reader. We have the expertise to convert your idea into an eBook app. We know how to navigate the world of eBook development, content re-purposing, storyboard design and App Store submission.

Using our feature rich eBook reader framework, low cost implementation model, skilled and passionate work force, we are able to provide high quality service at an affordable price.

How do our books come into the picture?

Indian kids get exposed to multiple languages. Increasingly, as part of the global diaspora, their skill levels dramatically vary across different languages. Many children can speak Hindi but cannot read Hindi scripts. Chand Ka Tohfa, an ebook based on the book published by Pratham Books, is an attempt to creatively use technology in increasing regional language exposure along with entertainment.

You can listen to the page by page audio, or read it to your child yourself by pressing mute icon any time during the story session.

Chand ka Tofah and Annual Haircut Day are the two books which are currently available.One of their customers says :

It is so great to see a Hindi book for iPad. I am looking forwards to more from you guys. Maybe ones with ka, kha ga and more for preschoolers to help them get started with the language. Keep it up ! – SSKVK

So, if you’ve got an iPad or an iPhone, we hope you can check out these amazing apps developed by Fliplog and give us and them your feedback on these books.We also got to see and listen to our books on the brand new iPad Brij brought to our office. Icing on the cake 🙂Learn more about Fliplog, join them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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