“Our Delhi Struggle” Will Soon Be Available as a Book

Dave and Jenny were two New Yorkers who moved to Delhi and blogged “to showcase the fun and insanity of living in India, to help the people back home share what we experience, and to help other people who might be visiting, moving, or just curious about life on the subcontinent”. They have now moved to Singapore, but have managed to sign a book deal with Harper Collins.

The book will be part memoir and part guidebook: an in-depth exploration of the Delhi we lived, the lessons we learned, and the funny things that happened to us. It’ll be like this blog, only much longer, much more detailed, and much funnier. Writing has begun, and will continue for the next six months. We expect to release the book next April, just in time to channel the excitement of Delhi’s Commonwealth Games into fame and fortune.This blog will be an integral part of the writing process. We’ll rely on readers’ opinions and insights to add detail to the book. Right now, for instance, we’re writing the section on getting around Delhi, and all the white-knuckled moments we’ve had in the back of an autorickshaw. Our question to you: what was your scariest auto-related experience?

Hop on over to their blog to see how your experiences can help shape book.Image Source


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