Our Books Are Now Available on Attano

Over the next few days, we are going to share the different platforms we are available on. Thanks to the power of Creative Commons licenses, many organizations have approached us and gone on to make our content available in different forms, on different formats. Attano is one of them.
The first wave of Pratham Books’ PreSchool Books on theAttano Ebook Reader are now available on Attano.com. Attano is driven by wanting to create to smarter generation of students.
Some of the features of the Attano Reader are :

  • vibrant color rendition and interactive features
  • neatly organizing and storing books for anytime/anywhere access it makes it easy for parents to bookmark pages
  • highlight key points while also offering children the ability to colour and deeply engage with  content.  
31 of our titles are currently available on Attano.com. Click here to see all the titles. Users can read these eBooks on the PC, Android Tablets and the iPad.
Soumya Banerjee, CEO of Attano said, “As an early adopter of Attano’s platform, Pratham Books can now reach new audiences across digital media. In addition to offering titles from Pratham Books to existing users on Attano.com, we are undertaking an ad campaign reaching high end users on Tablet Computers and audiences looking for Books online. We look forward to scaling our partnership with Pratham Books and bringing more delight into childrens lives. “
About Attano: Founded in 2009, Attano is one of the most exciting companies in the education space in India. With some of the strongest IP and experience in the use of tablet computers and cloud delivery in the education space their unique educational platform brings personalized learning solutions to students anytime, anywhere.
So, try out these books and let us and the Attano team know what you/your child think of them.
Learn more about Attano and the work they do.

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