One Nation Reading Together

Our friends at Scholastic sent us an email about the ‘One Nation Reading Together’ programme. They also sent us the lovely reading pledge that was created by Ranjit Lal.

About the programme (via Scholastic India)

Scholastic India invites you and your students to join schools all across the country on Friday, 25 November 2011 to celebrate the pleasures of reading. 
 One Nation Reading Together is an annual event, where children in schools across the country will spend 30 minutes (preferably at 12 noon) on the designated day reading for fun, and doing other activities that celebrate reading as a pleasurable and enriching experience.
In 2010, an estimated 850 schools around the country participated in this event. They read the specially written reading pledge and celebrated reading as a pleasurable and enjoyable activity. 
In 2011, we are proud to announce that the reading pledge has been written by the award-winning author Ranjit Lal.  
Over 6000 schools across the country have been invited to participate in this exciting event. One Nation Reading Together is also about granting access to books to children who normally do not have access to them.  For every school that participates in the event, Scholastic India will donate 100 books to the library of a needy school. 
(Please click on the image for a larger view)

(Please click on the image for a larger view)

Will you and your students be celebrating the joy of reading too?


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