Off the Shelf – Putting the Library Back at the Heart of a School, Workshop

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Jumpstart GBO in collaboration with Pratham Books and India International Centre, Delhi
invites you to participate in
 Off The Shelf- Putting the Library back at the heart of a school
24th August, 10am- 1pm
This workshop is for librarians, teachers and principals.
Entry is free. Mail in your name and mobile number to be on the guest list at : [email protected]
About the workshop :
Book-love has changed over the years and the places where you found this love have been changing as well. Book- shops now often look like glamorous cafes or like a page on your computer screen. Books themselves are found in different formats and can be accessed differently and e- publishing is a word that will soon be as ho-hum as email. But what has happened to the good old library while we are learning to be bibliomaniacs with a new set of table manners?
The panel discussion and open interaction on libraries in schools will address many of these key questions from a place of sharing and hope. The lament of libraries losing ground is old and it is time to look at practices, old and new, those are making libraries what they should be. These best practices are like tendrils finding anew scaffolding and are transforming the library into an idea and a space 
that fits well in the new educational landscape. We will look at the shape-shifting idea of libraries in different contexts. 
The panel discussion will present a platter of ideas. The open discussion will hopefully put many more pieces on it. This workshop will be a place to share, network and learn from each other so that our children cherish books and libraries for the joy and freedom that they bring. 
How are libraries being created, managed and used in resource-scarce situations? How can we work with governments to take some good ideas to scale? How are some schools making the library the most visited place after the canteen by aligning it with classroom teaching? The library seems to be in a state of crisis. 
How often are books bought for the library? Who makes the decision for purchase and on what basis? What does the librarian do on a normal school day and where is she placed in the school hierarchy? What does the once a week library period mean to the children? Is it integrated in the school curriculum or other activities in any way that is meaningful to teachers and children? Can the library be the heart of the school where learning can be like flying kites of many colours in a very big blue sky? Or a cheerful open kitchen where you can cook with what you like…


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