New Books! New Books! It is Raining Books!

The monsoons have finally begun in India. And to celebrate this season, we’ve released ten new books. Yes, TEN NEW BOOKS! It is raining books in our office. The best part of working at Pratham Books is that you can take a break when the new books arrive and read all of them. Yes, reading is equal to work :). So, grab a hot cup of chai/coffee, make some pakodas, grab these fabulous books and enjoy the rains. Happy reading!
You must have seen kolams on doorsteps at home and even in school, but have you ever seen a kolam in the sky? Read ‘Susheela’s Kolams‘ to find out how Susheela made a kolam in the sky.
Find out what ‘Suraj and Sher Singh‘ are up to as they have fun in the park!
Painting the house is such fun! And Veena and Vinay want to help. How will the ‘Little Painters‘ paint the gate?
Here Comes the Camel and Other Poems‘ is a collection of Prayag Shukla’s Hindi poems which have been translated into English.
Ayachi Pandit could not give anything to the Dai when his son was born but he whispered something to her and she went away happily. A few years later when she was summoned again by the Pandit, she was completely thrown off her feet! Do you want to know why? Find out in ‘The Talaabs of Darbhanga‘.

Rituchakra is the cycle of seasons. In India, the coming of each season is celebrated in different ways in each part of the country. Enjoy the special gifts of nature, and the colours, festivals and customs of India in the Rituchakra series. The Rituchakra series is a series of 5 books. Join Meenu as she discovers new things about each season.
In ‘Everything looks new‘, Meenu plays Holi while she learns about spring. In ‘Lassi, Ice-cream or Falooda‘, Meenu makes the most of her summer holidays. In ‘Peacocks and Pakodas‘, Meenu seems to be enjoying every bit of the monsoon. In ‘Kheer on a Full Moon Night‘, Meenu learns about all the different festivals that are celebrated in autumn. Find out what Meenu is doing in winter in ‘Hot Tea and Warm Rugs‘.

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