New Bloomsbury Science Series to be Available Free Online

Via guardian.co.uk

Sir John Sulston, Nobel prize winner and one of the architects of the Human Genome Project, has teamed up with Bloomsbury to edit a new series of books that will look at topics including the ethics of genetics and the cyber enhancement of humans.The series will be the first from Bloomsbury’s new venture, Bloomsbury Academic, launched late last year as part of the publisher’s post-Harry Potter reinvention. Using Creative Commons licences, the intention is for titles in the imprint to be available for free online for non-commercial use, with revenue to be generated from the hard copies that will be printed via print-on-demand and short-run printing technologies.He stressed that the area he and Harris would be covering – the interface between science, ethics and innovation – was of international interest, and offering the books for free online would allow readers around the world to access them. “Most of the world is very poor and access to literature is a real issue. There are all sorts of ways of sorting this out, and this is clearly one of them,” he said.

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