Monday Roundup and a Mango Party

Lots to post this Monday!

Via Craig Newmark:

Silicon Valley Novel: “kids saving kids by reading”

Silicon Valley Novel is a small California book publisher with a big heart. We believe in “kids saving kids by reading.” Proceeds from the book provide medicine for Doctors Without Borders.

The series is based on the world travels of a thirteen-year-old archaeologist, nicknamed “Trouble.” His latest episode, Sign of the Rat, will be released in Kindle, iPad and printed format this July. The novel features ultra-lights, robots, exotic metals . . . a fast-paced adventure, set in Manhattan, Paris and Vietnam. More than sixty illustrations bring alive the story.


Jalebi Ink is an independent media content space for young people. Our idea is to create non-consumption oriented, intelligent content for kids and young adults, a substantial part of which will be generated by children themselves. We at Jalebi Ink believe that the world needs to listen to young people.


Colors of Life’ is an e-magazine with limited print distribution copies and PDF files for online distribution. The children involved in the project will write, draw and provide contents. This activity will require them to learn a number of important life and career skills, not only the understanding of using technology and media to create something worthwhile, but also important skills of cooperation, teamwork, discipline, time management and perhaps most of all, taking responsibility for their own work.


Ranga Shankara has a Mango Party on Sunday the 13th of June with a special evening for kids.


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