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This Monday we have quite a long list of events happening in the country. Take a look:

Book reviewers needed for a publishing house.

Cinnamonteal is a print-on-demand publishing house based in Goa and is on the
lookout for voracious readers who will also review their books. You will be
sent a book depending upon the genre you prefer and you will be asked to review the book
for them. The review will be ours to use in any manner we see fit. You are not
expected to return the book after reviewing.

If this interests you (or someone you know), please reply personally. We are
still trying to figure out an appropriate compensation model so let me know
your thoughts on that too.

If you are interested, email Leonard Fernandes at [email protected].

Further contact details: Tel: +91 98503 98530 | skype: leonardjensan

http://books.dogearsetc.com (online store for used and hard-to-find books)
http://cinnamonteal.dogearsetc.com (print-on-demand publishing service)
http://www.fivex5.com/ (“own-it-yourself” bookstore)


Trees have been the source of memory, inspiration and identity for old Bangaloreans but with massive changes in the infrastructure of Bangalore, a severe loss of the urban majestic greenwood is being experienced and grieved. Maraa and 1shanthiroad collaboratively bring to the city AROUND A TREE, an urban tree festival to revive the spirit of trees and the role they played in the lives of the city’s inhabitants.

The festival is unique and participative, involving local artist, academic and activist groups, art & media forms, communities of children and talks in Indian languages. Amongst activities proposed for the festival, some interesting activities include

1. Travelling mobile poster gallery (26th June, 2010, Citywide)
Since the city has seen an outpouring of concerned citizens’ activity around tree felling and loss of green in the city, it made sense to call for creative posters from various quarters, artists to activists, from adults to children.
The response has been overwhelming, with a lot of artists sending in posters to the event. A set of curated posters will travel the city in a mobile van and be hoisted at different public places like street corners and public parks that will work as instant open gallery spaces.

2. Experimental visual protest:
public art installation (June 26, 10am, Sampige road, Bangalore)
video art screening (June 26, 6.30pm, 1Shanthiroad, Bangalore)

3.On the evening of 3rd July come over to Cubbon Park’s Bandstand for soul stirring strains of Kabir, the 16th century saint’s dwellings on the natural world. Performed by filmmaker and artist, Shabnam Virmani.
4th of July evening will see a jamming session of various bands at Jaaga as a tribute to the strong and solid image and spirit of the tree.

Check attached poster for complete schedule. And do circulate!

Volunteers needed by Toybank

Toybank Delhi continues the journey of providing toys to children with its maiden toy distribution event!

Toybank Delhi kick-started it’s activities with a toy collection drive in MPS – A Macmillan Company based in Gurgoan. MPS organized a week long drive in the organization and managed to collect and wrap around 100 toys!

Toybank volunteers and employee volunteers from MPS will distribute these toys to around 65 children who go to Mobile Creches at their Vipul World Construction Site in Gurgoan.

Venue: Vipul World Construction
Tatvam Village, Sector-48, Opp. Omaxe Gugaon Mall
Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Harayana.

Date and Time: 3rd July, 9 30 AM – 12 PM

If you are interested to volunteer for the event on 3rd of July, please confirm your presence by sending an email to [email protected]


Punarnavaha Open Learning Space is happy to announce an intensive workshop for parents , teachers and interested adults centered on the process of learning called

The wholistic way of being in the world

The workshop is an attempt
-To identify and overcome the psychological, physiological and cognitive damages done by modern institutions (schools, market and hospital) and culture.
-To prompt the adults to re-look at certain fundamental issues related to ‘How’ learning takes place. Knowing, is an integrated act, not separated by language, science and art nor is it fragmented as learning, working, playing etc. Children engage in the world without fragmentation but modern education damages the cognition and fragments the being
-To address the alienation caused by schooling where we keep learning about what others have thought and done, thus turning us in to second hand people.
-To consciously reawaken our intuitive abilities of knowing and learning and to address the block created by the ‘reasoning’ / rational mind.
-To initiate awakening of senses so that we become more observant and attentive which will make us to strive for becoming first hand and awaken our aesthetic sensibilities.
-To help blossom our child like qualities that enables us to be creative, to learn to observe children, to understand what children need to retain their creativity, to see their real potential and to learn from children.

WORKSHOP DATES: 14th July to 17th July (Wednesday to Saturday), 3pm to 6pm.
FEES: Rs 1700.00 per person
VENUE: Punarnavaha Open Learning Space, Aushudagiri,Plot no: 24, Vigyan Nagar Hsg Soc,Bavdhan &nb sp; Pune 21

This will be followed by a presentation and open discussion about learning from children on 18th July by Jinan KB.

DATE: Sunday,18TH July, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. This is open for all.

ENTRY FEE : Rs.200 per person ( For workshop participants there are no entry fees)

Off SenapatiBapat Road, Patrakar Nagar, opp Vikhe Patil School, PatrakarNagar Pune

For registrations please send an email to [email protected] or call

Shefali: 9822023265
Saraswati: 9096022070

To access Jinan’s links, click here, here or here.

That’s it for now. Have a fun week! 🙂

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