Our friends at Akshara Foundation are hosting a campaign called #MathinIndia. The Akshara team tells us more :
Did you know that only 25.3% of children in Std III can do two digit subtraction or that the percentage of children in Std II who still cannot recognize numbers up to 9 has increased from 11.3% in 2009 to 19.5% in 2014. The numbers revealed by Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2014, released in January, this year, clearly states that Math learning levels in the country continue to be a serious and major cause of concern.
Well, this was big news that went nearly unnoticed. To draw attention to this and remove the bite out of Math, we at Akshara Foundation have meme-fied the big news and piggy backed on the cultural phenomena that is Bollywood. We have couched the common fears surrounding Math with catchy dialogues by much loved Bollywood characters hoping to engage a wider and bigger audience into the conversation around the 
education of our children. After all for Make in India we have to think of #MathinIndia

Ashok Kamath, chairman of Akshara Foundation, said: “The memes as we see it is more human an effort to sensitize a larger audience on the issue of low learning levels in Math in the country. These are memes for social good riding on a popular cultural phenomena — Bollywood. We hope these will help us drive more conversations around the issue. We also see it as giving the supporters and the millennials an easy way to support and promote the cause.”

Read the entire post and see the memes here.

On that note, we are sharing our Happy Maths series with our readers. Share it with a teacher. Download it and print it and share it with a school that may find it useful. Or buy the book and donate it to an organization or school that needs it. 


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