March: Events and Books

March has arrived and the PaperTigers blog once again lists out events that will take place this month. Some of the events that interest us are:

Share a Story – Shape a Future, A Blog Tour for Literacy – Mar 9

World Storytelling Day – Mar 20

World Poetry Day- Mar 21

Check out their entire list to see if any event is taking place in your city or town.

22 March is also Water Day. Pratham Books has a few water related books which your child may enjoy:

Story: Kartik Shanker, Art: Maya Ramaswamy

Under cover of darkness, baby Olive Ridley turtles hatch from sunwarmed eggs on remote beaches. One of them, the little hatchling who is the narrator of our story, is delighted to make it across the beach and into the ocean without losing her way or being captured by predators.

But can our little Olive Ridley survive the dangers of the ocean? Will she make it past the deadly sharks and the terrible fishing nets and reach adulthood? Will she ever have the pleasure of laying her own brood of eggs?

Find out in this charming life story of an Olive Ridley turtle, and meet several other interesting creatures along the way…

Written by: Mala Kumar, Illustrated by: Ashish Nangia

The sheer joy of training your body to achieve what your mind dreams of… sports provides that joy. Read this story about a boy from Kolhapur who became the fastest 15-year old swimmer in the world!

Retold and Illustrated by ” Geetika Jain and Aranya Jain

One of four fascinating legends from the Americas, this story is told among the Inuit people. Smell the salty sea air in this love story with a message about living in harmony with the environment.

Story: Roopa Pai, Illustrated by: Greystroke

Little Brother’s inquisitive mind is always full of questions for Big Sister. He knows Big Sister has all the answers, because she is always reading one big fat book or another.

In this book, Little Brother wonders where thunder comes from. Is it the roaring of the angry giant who lives in the sky that causes the heavens to rumble, or is it just the wild biker gang up in the clouds that makes all that noise?

Of course Big Sister has the right answer in the end, but before you start reading this fun book to find out, tell us : where do YOU think thunder comes from?

Story: Sumathi Sudhakar, Illustrations: Arka Prabha Roy Chowdhury

Jeeva and her brother Jatin live in the village of Jhilmil. Disaster strikes when the rains fail and there is not enough food to eat. The children persuade Tamasha the tiger, Shanti the cow and Katakatak the crab to go with them in search of the Rain Woman.

They soon find out from her that the rains have vanished because of the harmful things people have done. This makes Tamasha so angry that he threatens to gobble up Jeeva. What are the children going to do now?

Story: Amar Goswami, Illustrations: Partho Sengupta

What is this strange sound you can hear in the forest – Drip-Drop-Drip!!!

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