Manthan 3.0 – Part 1

A year has passed by… and it was time to look back, pat ourselves on the back and then decide what we could do better this year. On a hot day in February, our teams from Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai converged at what we call ‘Manthan’ : an annual Pratham Books meeting.

We will post a series of blogposts to talk about what happened at Manthan 3.0. We hope that you, our community, can help us reach our goals and missions. We were tweeting during the meeting and updating our status on our Facebook fan page. Many people have already given us their suggestions and ways in which we can reach more children. We will share all of that in the coming posts. So, feel free to pitch in with your ideas (or mail us at web at prathambooks dot org).

This post is a recap of the work we do and why we want to continue doing this work. Below are some bite sized thoughts we had during the session.

“A book has unique value to children. Reading books should be a fun activity for children and it is a child’s first “own” product. Pratham Books wants to democratize the joy of reading. Our books are not meant to teach but to read and have fun.”

“We have a larger societal mission to reach books to places where there are none. We are the “book fairies” .

“We cannot fulfil our mission alone. Hence, we’re different from other publishers. We’re not a competitive publisher but a cooperative one. We need to build a community of publishers, readers, writers, illustrators etc.”

“We all need to see ourselves as trustees of an idea and keepers of the flame. Each one of us is equally accountable for this.”

“In 6 years we ‘ve had 76 authors, 60 illustrators, 49 translators, 1200 ISBN numbers.”

We’ve put books into the hands of more kids last year. Yahooooooo!!!
Apart from that, we have a fabulous team (pssst: a team that loves sweets!) :

A great sales team that helps us reach the diifferent regions across India and the world.
A content team that meticulously that helps create the wonderful books we produce.

A social media team that helps us spread our work through the online world.
The branding team which continues to think of ways to reach new readers.

The fantabulous admin team who look after EVERYTHING (including the distribution of sweets :))

The board of trustees who are always brimming with new ideas and always encourage us to share our ideas and inputs.

And our community (ALL OF YOU!) who are all rockstars!

Join us in our journey this year…to reach 7 MILLION KIDS (Yes, you read that right. More on that in the next Manthan related post)

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