Make Print and Digital Books Affordable

At a recent conference, Baldeo Sharma (chariman, NBT) stressed on the importance of making both print and digital books available at affordable prices.
“Books should be made available to the public at affordable prices then there would be no decline in the interest of reading books. …I have found that the enthusiasm among people to read and purchase books has not gone down,” Chairman of National Book Trust (NBT) Baldeo Sharma said while addressing a conference organised by FICCI here.
Discussing that the digital revolution in the publishing sector was still at an inception stage in the country, he said the print publishing did not get completely replaced by digital books. In global trade, for book publishers, print still accounts for nearly 70 per cent of their sales revenue. 
“I think both technology and printing publications are complementing each other in Indian context. India’s situation and the mindset of the people toward reading habits and books have kept alive the importance of printed books,” said Sharma.
Urging the publishers present at the conference to make books readily available at affordable prices in the rural areas of the country, Sharma expressed need for discussion in this regard and also asked them to shift their focus from the urban areas and major cities to rural areas.

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