Little Readers’ Nook Helps Spread the Joy of Reading

Earlier this month, we shared how popular our Library-in-a-classroom kits are getting. Rama even created a lovely Library-in-a-box model in her house to encourage kids to read. Another story that turned up on our timeline was the story of how  Little Readers’ Nook donated our library kit to an anganwadi in Mumbai.
As mothers and storytellers, we often talk about the multiple benefits of reading with young kids – developing language skills, imagination, empathy, and above all, reading for the sheer joy of reading! But are we guilty of restricting this joy to a privileged few? Ever thought of how our society would transform from within if children from all sections of society were excited about books and learning?
I had the good fortune of being introduced to a group of anganwadi teachers at Khar in Mumbai through my neighbour a few months back. Their passion for the anganwadi school and commitment to ensure a better future for the children they work with was a huge inspiration for me. We talked about the challenges they face and their only demand was – we need good books for our children. Sure, I can help here, I thought!
I went back home, researched a few options and narrowed down on a Pratham Books Library-in-a-classroom kit as the most cost-effective solution. The kit comprises 125 books and comes with a self-contained storage unit. It costs Rs. 5000, an amount I was easily able to raise, just by speaking with a few friends and family members. Pratham helps in customizing the mix of books – I asked for an even mix of English, Hindi and Marathi books across all age groups and was very happy with their selection.
Last Saturday, we visited the anganwadi to handover the kit and got a chance to interact with the children. They recited rhymes for us and the excitement in their eyes on seeing the colourful books spurred me on to do much more.

This is but the first step in a long journey ahead. There are so many communities and so many children with hardly any exposure to good books. We at Little Readers’ Nook pledge to do our bit in giving children from all sections of society access to the joy of reading. Are you with us in this initiative?
You can identify a community of children in your neighbourhood and raise funds to order a Pratham Books Library-in-a-classroom kit for them. Or organize a book donation drive in your circle. The very least we all can do is donate our own children’s books once they outgrow them.

Do write to us at [email protected] to discuss how you can help.

Thank you Little Reader’s Nook for helping us spread the joy of reading!
P.S – If you want to know more details about the Library-in-a-classroom kit, please email info(at)prathambooks(dot)org. You can also view pictures of the kit on our Facebook page.

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