‘Little Painters’ – Rang de Diwar

At the serene setting of Ashima Open Homes (Brookefield, Bangalore), Independence Day was a day to remember. It was one such day when
there were no rules, no restrictions but just plain fun and action.
Early afternoon all the children got together at the
basement to clear the mess and clean up the place. It was tiring but at the end
of it we had a beautiful basement for ourselves.
Soon, it was time to reap the benefits of all the work the
kids had put in. They were allowed to paint the basement walls in whatever way
they liked. There were colours splashing and brushes sweeping the walls. It was
indeed a colourful sight! (Let’s just forget about all the saboon, water and effort the moms had to put in to wash the
clothes later.) 
The grand finale of the event was the launch of Pratham
Books’ title ‘Little Painters’! A book that’s all about children who get their
hands dirty but, in turn give wings to their artistic side. The kids were keen to know
all about the adventures of the little painters in the story. They settled down
for a fun-filled story telling session by Manju Dwivedi. We ended the session
with a lot of gifts from Pratham Books! More stories…a lot more fun!
If you haven’t already heard about the ‘Big’ Contest with
the ‘Little Painters’ click here
for details now!
Vidya B Chaudhuri

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