Library in the Desert? Not a Mirage!

In one of our earlier posts, we talked about the Psychedelic Library Bus. In this post we talk about another mobile library for children. A library in the desert and it certainly is no mirage. But when you see this library in Kenya, you may just rub your eyes in disbelief and wonder if what you are seeing actually exists. So what is so different about this library we are talking about? Well, it is a camel-borne library called Camel Bookmobile. Yes, you read that right. A camel-borne library indeed!

From their website:

Though The Camel Bookmobile is a novel, the camel-borne library actually exists. It operates from Garissa in Kenya’s isolated Northeastern Province near the unstable border with Somalia. Initially launched with three camels on Oct. 14, 1996, the library now uses 12 camels traveling to four settlements per day, four days per week. The camel library is now operating also in Wajir, Kenya, even further to the northeast. The camels bring books to a semi-nomadic people who live with drought, famine and chronic poverty. The books are spread out on grass mats beneath an acacia tree, and the library patrons, often barefoot, sometimes joined by goats or donkeys, gather with great excitement to choose their books until the next visit. The books are written in English or Swahili, the two official primary of Kenya.

See more pictures of the Camel Bookmobile here



  1. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    Its heartening to see that the love for the written word knows no hurdles – in this case, sand dunes! Thanks for posting such interesting articles


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